Dewey’s Readathon Wrap-up

Yesterday was Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon and I did pretty well! I finished one book, started another, and read some more of my bedtime book. I ended up reading a total of 368 pages. Go, me!

I posted about my progress in my Instagram stories, then made sure to save those posts to my “Readathons” highlights on Instagram, so they’re always available if you’re interested and missed them the first time around.

I started reading at 9am. (I tried to get my butt out of bed earlier so I could start at 8am, but when my alarm when off at 7am, my body and my mind were all, ‘NO, MA’AM. It is Saturday. We don’t want to get up yet.’) So I forced myself out of bed around 7:30, but then had to wait for Eric to get ready for work before I could shower and stuff.

Anyway. This is how my day went, by hour, with pics…

9am – 10am: 58 pages read
10am – 11am: 49 pages read, breakfast eaten
11am – 12pm: 48 pages read, and I was in need of a nap
12pm – 2pm: 26 pages read, nap taken
2pm – 3pm: 23 pages read, had some interuptions
3pm – 4pm: 60 pages read, finished Dominicana, started Actress, had a snack
4pm – 5pm: 19 pages read, had dinner
5pm – 6pm: 35 pages read, Actress moving slower than Dominicana, so taking longer to read in the same amount of time
6pm – 7pm: 8 pages read, had to make a phone call

7pm – 10:30pm: TV time with Eric and a friend, watched some Mythic Quest (fantastic comedy about the gaming world), and some Parks and Recreation (this is my first time watching)

10:45pm – 12am: 42 pages read (The Path of Daggers, which is book #8 in the Wheel of Time series, and what I’m using as my bedtime book), went to bed

Rascal was my furry reading buddy for most of the day, so many of my update photos included him. Here are just a few if you didn’t see them on Instagram…

I would call that a very successful day. I had a lot of fun, got a ton of reading done, got all the Rascal-snuggles, and had a lovely nap.

If you participated, how did you do?