2020 First Quarter Update and Stuff

Boy, do I have a lot of reviews to write. I’ve been able to read so much since this whole thing started and I haven’t been able to go to work. My university’s spring break was extended by a week, so even though I’ve already been taking classes solely online, I still got an extra week off. SO MUCH READING. Silver lining to all of this? I’ll definitely meet my Goodreads goal this year! Wooooooo!

Anyway, I thought I would give a quarterly update about how my reading has been going and how I’ve been doing with the challenges I’m “participating in” this year.

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Library Book Haul

Because I work at the library (and because I have limited reading time right now), I rarely place holds on books. In our library, new books coming in have a 14-day checkout period, and they generally cannot be renewed. So even the most popular books are bound to be on the shelf at some point if I go looking for them. This particular stack has been rather elusive, but I finally got my hands on them!