It’s Vintage Science Fiction Month!

Vintage Science Fiction Month takes place every January and is hosted by Andrea of the Little Red Reviewer and Jacob of RedStarReviews. They have a twitter account just for this: @VintageSciFi_.

Happy New Year, my hoopy froods! It’s January 1st, and that means Vintage Science Fiction Month has begun.

My first book of #VintageSciFi is PKD’s The Penultimate Truth, which was recommended to me by sj. I’m buddy-reading this one with my friend Will and hopefully sj (she’s the ultimate PKD fan of the group).

I’m not familiar with this one at all, so I’m really looking forward to reading it, and reading it with friends.

I also started the sixth Wheel of Time book last night just before I went to bed.

What is your first book of the year? Have you read The Penultimate Truth? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!

2019 Year in Review — #AMonthofFaves

For the month of December, I am joining Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their #AMonthofFaves blog event. To learn more and to see the list of topics, read their announcement post–#AMonthofFaves 2019 [Blog Event] Announcement.

Today’s prompt:

This Is How We Read –  Number of books read so far, genre you read the most from, picture of favorite (or most often used) reading location, most read author, % eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks and/or audiobooks, hint at what your favorite read of the year is (let us guess), types of books you wish you read more of, month you read the most and least).

Looking back at my reading stats for the year and considering how busy I was with other things, I’m surprised I was able to read as many books as I did. I didn’t end up finishing my Goodreads challenge (I was two books short, darn it!), but I’m happy with the number of books I was able to read this year…and a lot of them were very good!

Books read: 73

Pages read: 28,841

Unfortunately, my Goodreads Year in Books isn’t updating with book #73 (the GR forums explain that it can take some time for it to update, possibly days, sigh). Also, I never choose the exact edition of the book I am currently reading–I usually go with the first edition that comes up when I search for a book–so my pages read aren’t reflected correctly on Goodreads, either. I keep track of my reading stats in a spreadsheet, so the numbers I have typed myself are the correct numbers.

Average rating: 4.18 (out of 5)

I read a lot of really great books this year! My friend sj has pointed out more than once that I am too easy on books when I rate them (we had a pretty hilarious conversation about it at some point), but I really did read a bunch of fantastic books this year. Maybe I’m just getting better about choosing what I’m going to read–I don’t have time for mediocre books right now.

Most read genre: Scifi/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction

I have been on a huge scifi/fantasy kick lately. I have always loved these genres, but I read a lot more of them this year that in previous years, I think. I also chose to read a couple of long series this year, and they happened to be a scifi (The Expanse) and a fantasy (The Wheel of Time) series. I might actually be rereading the Expanse series with a friend soon to prepare for the last book coming out some time in 2020.

Favorite reading location:

On the couch with my furry reading buddy…

Most read author(s):

It is not a surprise that my most read author this year was Stephen King. I have gotten back to my READ ALL THE SK project, so I read seven of his books this year. Three other authors are tied for second place: James S.A. Corey (The Expanse series), Robert Jordan (The Wheel of Time series), and Seanan McGuire (the Wayward Children series and Middlegame). I read five books by each of them.

% treebooks: 36/73 = 49%

% ebooks: 35/73 = 48%

% audiobooks: 2/73 = 3%

Favorite read(s) of the year:

Okay, this will always be hard for me. I loved so many of the books I read this year. I have done my best to narrow it down to three out of the who-knows-how-many that I would have liked to list here. In no particular order, three of the books I really loved this year that affected me deeply were Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest by Hanif Abdurraquib (read about this in my “Underrated Books” post), The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, and Duma Key by Stephen King (read my review).

Month I read the most:

This depends on whether we’re talking about number of books read or number of pages read. I read the most books in June (10), but I read the most pages in January (3,582).

Month I read the least:

July and August were really tough months for me. At the end of the spring quarter, I realized that I would have enough credits to graduate at the end of the 2020 spring quarter, but that I would be short one required course. Sigh. So I ended up taking three courses over the summer, and one of them was a four credit, six week History course. Y’all, I was SO BUSY with school work. I barely had a free minute for myself for six weeks. It was ROUGH. So in July I read only three books totaling 879 pages, and in August I read only two books…TWO BOOKS…totaling 405 pages.

% read with sj: 25/73 = 34%

It has been some time since sj and I have been able to read this many books together in a year. She will always be my best reading buddy, and it was SO NICE to read this many books with her…and most of them were really good!

% library books: 25/73 = 34%

Three cheers for libraries! I’m a little biased because I work in a public library, but even if I didn’t work in one, I would still be cheering them on. What is not to love about free books? No, you can’t keep the books, but not everyone can afford to buy every book they read AND public libraries are the last bastion of true democracy. The Kobo e-reader I received for Christmas has OverDrive functionality built in, so I foresee myself reading a higher percentage of ebooks in 2020.

How did your reading year go? Did you read lots of fantastic books? Did you meet the goals you set for yourself?

Favorite Book Covers of 2019 — #AMonthofFaves

For the month of December, I am joining Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their #AMonthofFaves blog event. To learn more and to see the list of topics, read their announcement post–#AMonthofFaves 2019 [Blog Event] Announcement.

Today’s topic is “Favorite Book Covers.” I’m going to share the covers that I like the best out of the books I read in 2019. I liked a lot of the covers on the books I read this year, but the following are my favorites.

Juliet Takes a Breath, by Gabby Rivera — Not only is this an excellent book, but I love the cover. I’m usually not a fan of fluorescent colors, but it works really well on this cover. And I just love Juliet’s hairstyle and how the title of the book is shaved into her hair.

Wayward Son, by Rainbow Rowell — This cover isn’t really that special, aesthetics-wise, although I love how colorful it is. But shout out to Sam and Dean! #Supernatural #TeamSamForLife

Middlegame, by Seanan McGuire — I don’t know what it is about this cover. I think it’s the simplicity of it. I love the look of the black background with the white hand in the center, and I love how the fingers are candles (this is relevant to the plot). I also love the writing on the hand. (All of the covers for McGuire’s Wayward Children series are very cool, too.)

Pumpkinheads, by Rainbow Rowell — Faith Erin Hicks is the artist for Rainbow Rowell’s graphic novel, and all of the artwork is great. I love the cover for the color combination and just because I like Hicks’ style.

Lisey’s Story, by Stephen King — Red is my favorite color, and I really liked the way the shovel in the center has some kind of pattern going on…then I realized the shovel is a cutout on the dust jacket. So I took the dust jacket off…

…and THAT is what the cover looks like without the dust jacket on. Isn’t it beautiful?! I read 3/4 of the book without the dust jacket on it just to look at that cover every day. I just love it.

I would also recommend reading all of these books. Just don’t read Wayward Son until you’ve read Carry On (it’s a series).

What were some of your favorite book covers this year? Did you read any books specifically because the cover intrigued you?

Challenges and Goals — #AMonthofFaves

For the month of December, I am joining Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their #AMonthofFaves blog event. To learn more and to see the list of topics, read their announcement post–#AMonthofFaves 2019 [Blog Event] Announcement.

Today’s prompt is “Challenges and Goals”:

Reading challenges, personal goals, resolutions – how did you do? Which was your favorite book read (and / or least favorite) for each challenge – or from all of them. Did you make New Years Resolutions? Did you get to all of them? Are you making any for next year … next month … next season?

I did not set any real goals for myself this year. I always join the Goodreads Reading Challenge, but I don’t think I’m going to meet my goal for 2019. I originally challenged myself to read 100 books–I usually read 100 books or more in a year–but this past year’s school work was more work than usual, so I knocked my challenge goal down to 75 books a number of months ago. And I don’t think I’m going to make it to 75 books, either. Aside from that, I didn’t join any challenges or make any personal reading goals for 2019.

I’ve already posted about the challenges I’m “joining” for 2020, and you can see that post here — 2020 Reading Challenges: Wingin’ It!

I’ve also posted about Vintage Science Fiction Month, which happens in January 2020.

I’m going to join the 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge, as usual, and challenge myself to read 100 books…we’ll see how that works out. I will have the summer off between receiving my Bachelor’s degree and starting my Master’s degree, so I should be able to reach 100 books in 2020.

What about you? Do you challenge yourself when it comes to reading? Are you officially joining any reading challenges in 2020? Let me know in the comments!

My Year in Blogging — #AMonthofFaves

For the month of December, I am joining Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their #AMonthofFaves blog event. To learn more and to see the list of topics, read their announcement post–#AMonthofFaves 2019 [Blog Event] Announcement.

Today’s topic is “Blog Posts This Year”:

Tell us how you blogged – most popular (and/or favorite) blog posts for the year, or each month, did you try anything new on your blog this year, did you make blogging goals – how did you do? What are the essential programs, apps, plugins, websites you use? What’s your blogging routine, any blogs on blogging that you follow, blog tips you learned and used this year.

I don’t have answers to most of those questions because I only recently started blogging regularly again.

I used to own the blog Between the Covers. I started it back in 2013, I think. I blogged there regularly and it had a lot of content when I eventually gave it up and deleted it. That was back before I started working again and going back to school. I had a lot of free time to blog.

A couple (few?) years ago, I realized I wasn’t into it enough anymore to keep it going. I was doing too much and the blog was something I could give up…and I wanted to at the time. When I decided to give it up, I also realized that I really wanted to delete it altogether—it felt like a job that I just wasn’t enjoying. So I deleted it, and it was a large weight off my shoulders. I didn’t have to think about it anymore or feel guilty about not creating new content.

I’m two quarters (four courses) away from getting my Bachelor’s degree now, and about a year ago I realized I missed writing. I missed blogging, specifically about books. So I decided to start a new blog and see where it took me. Froodian Slip was born. For those of you who don’t get the reference, ”frood” comes from A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (one of my favorite books) and is defined as a “really amazingly together guy.” That combined with going back to school for a Bachelor’s in Psychology led me to my new blog’s name.

I haven’t written a ton of posts here yet. Again, I’ve only recently started blogging regularly. And the number of posts I’m able to write all depends on how busy I am with work and school. But I’m going to try to keep blogging regularly and I think getting back into the blogging community will help me do that. After I earn my Bachelor’s, I’ll be going on to earn my Master’s in Library and Information Science, and then I’ll be done. I’m looking at having my Master’s in 2022, and that’s not that far away. Then my free time will be all mine again.

I. Can’t. Wait.

So I’m looking forward to other bloggers’ responses to this prompt. I’m interested to see what others are doing with their blogs and what resources they use.

I’m also looking forward to getting back into the community and creating more content for Froodian Slip.