Book Review: The Illustrated Man, by Ray Bradbury #VintageSciFi

The short story that inspired Elton John to write “Rocket Man” is in this collection! It’s titled “The Rocket Man” (imagine that), and right away it reminded me of Elton John’s song, so I HAD to do that research. And sure enough, Bradbury’s story was the inspiration for the song. How cool is that?! I love Elton John and was so excited to learn that little tidbit.

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Book Review: Foundation, by Isaac Asimov #VintageSciFi

I have been meaning to read Foundation for years. When I was a kid, my dad and my Nonny had these science fiction magazines, the kind that looked more like a mass market paperback than what we think of as magazines today. I don’t remember the titles of them — there were a couple different ones — but I remember them having a lot of Isaac Asimov stories in them, and I loved those stories.


If you’re like me (and I’ll bet you are if you’re reading this), a new book comes out or you see a book in a book sale, and you think, ‘OMG, I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW’…

…and then those books sit on your TBR pile(s) for months. Or years.

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