Off the Grid Readathon Results

The Off the Grid Readathon, hosted by Shanah of Bionic Book Worm and Justine of I Should Read That ended last night at midnight, and I did pretty well!

The only reading I did on Friday was my bedtime reading. I had to go into work that day and when I got home I had some school work to finish up. Then I just wanted to watch TV for the rest of the night. But aside from my naps and doing laundry, I read all day Saturday and all day Sunday (until 7pm when it was time for TV).

I finished Girl, Woman, Other (Bernardine Evaristo) and LOVED it.

I started and finished Stardust (Neil Gaiman) — I read it in a few hours on Sunday. It was also quite good.

And I’m always reading the Wheel of Time series (Robert Jordan) for my bedtime book, so I read a bit more of A Crown of Swords (#7 in the series).

I read a total of 635 pages and finished two books. I’d say that’s pretty good! And I mostly stayed off of my phone and social media. I’m calling this readathon a success!

Did you participate? How did you do?

6 thoughts on “Off the Grid Readathon Results

  1. That’s great, not just the reading, but staying off your phone and social media. I didn’t do well with the reading, but I did fairly well staying off social media, even taking Instagram off the phone. I’m glad you were able to focus this weekend and hope it carries through into the week.

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    1. I’m lucky that both my kids are grown. I have one at home from college right now, but she’s super independent and doesn’t ask for much. They learned quickly as youngsters, though, that reading time meant “leave Heather alone.” Heh.


  2. Unfortunately, I am so behind in my blog reader I didn’t know about this readathon until it was over. I have the next one on my calendar. It will be hard for me to not check Twitter/FB/Insta, etc but I imagine I will get a lot of reading done so I look forward to it.

    635 pages / 2 books / staying off phone definitely = success!

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