2020 First Quarter Update and Stuff

Boy, do I have a lot of reviews to write. I’ve been able to read so much since this whole thing started and I haven’t been able to go to work. My university’s spring break was extended by a week, so even though I’ve already been taking classes solely online, I still got an extra week off. SO MUCH READING. Silver lining to all of this? I’ll definitely meet my Goodreads goal this year! Wooooooo!

Anyway, I thought I would give a quarterly update about how my reading has been going and how I’ve been doing with the challenges I’m “participating in” this year.

For the Popsugar Reading Challenge, I’ve completed 18 of the 50 prompts, which means I’m 36% done.

As far as the Around the Year in 52 Books challenge, I’ve completed 19 of the 52 prompts, or 36%.

I feel like I’m in a good place to finish both challenges, even though I’ve read a few books that don’t fit on one list or the other. There will come a time when I’m down to looking for books that fit certain prompts, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find something out of the hundreds of books I want to read.

For the #20For20Books challenge on Goodreads, I’ve only read one of the books on my list, and it wasn’t a good start (I’m side-eyeing you, Where the Crawdads Sing). But I’m still looking forward to reading the rest of the books on the list I chose. I’ll get to them — this is a challenge I know I’ll finish this year.

Sj and I started an Apocalypse Book Club on Facebook because we’ve been feeling like reading a lot of apocalyptic fiction lately. So far the group has read World War Z, and now we’re reading The Stand. Well, I mean, I assume others are reading The Stand. With everything going on, we’re just kind of reading at our own paces and doing what we can. The club was just a way to get people together who feel like reading that kind of stuff right now (I’m sure plenty of other people think we’re out of our minds). Both books are rereads for me. I’m about halfway through The Stand right now and loving it.

Other updates:

Pennsylvania libraries are now closed “until further notice,” so it looks like I’ll be “working” from home a bit longer. I’m still making library cards for people and a few of us are going in to the library on Friday to get some administrative work done. I miss going to work and I miss my people, but the silver lining to this is being able to do school work starting next week without also worrying about going to a full-time job. That’s something. It also means more time for reading. My husband has two jobs, both of which are considered “essential,” so he’s still going to work like normal (and being very, very careful).

In some ways I was made for this situation we’ve got going on, and in some ways I wasn’t. I’m fine with staying at home. The older I get, the more introverted I get. But I haaaaate cooking, and I’m tired of trying to decide what I can eat for meals that doesn’t involve too much of that. Ugh. I’m dealing with it, but it sucks. Also — and I’ve said this elsewhere — having super short hair is all fun and games until there’s a pandemic. I got my hair cut right before we had to start staying home, but my next appointment is supposed to be on April 21, and THAT’S not going to happen. Sigh. I will be unfit to live with if I can’t get my hair cut until May (only 50% joking, maybe less).

ANYWAY, I have things to keep me busy…books to read, reviews to write, library cards to make, and naps to take.

How is your reading going so far this year? How is everyone holding up? Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “2020 First Quarter Update and Stuff

  1. I have to say I’m enjoying staying in as well! It’s almost like a dream come true to have almost unlimited reading and blogging time. I feel sorry for people who don’t read! And I’m like you, I just hate cooking to begin with, and I feel like I’m cooking more than ever these days😂😂 Hope you have a really good April!

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  2. Sounds like it’s going well with the reading! Tell me about the short hair issue, I cancelled a hairdressers appointment just before the country was shut down and now I have to switch off the camera when I do video meetings with my colleagues. Not a good look!

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  3. My daughter watched a Youtube video and then cut her own hair, and it actually looks pretty good. I’m reading a lot, but since I usually work at home, things haven’t changed a lot for me except that yeah, I’m cooking more.

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    1. I’m glad it worked out well for your daughter. I don’t have a haircut that I can do myself, unfortunately. If I could get away with it, I’d just shave my head. Hahaha!


  4. I am super impressed! You’re doing ALL the reading challenges! I’m having a grand old time with just one!

    I’ve been having trouble focusing on reading (at least visual reading…I’ve been doing well with audiobooks because I can listen while walking the dog), even though I have all the time right now. I find myself scrolling through facebook for hours, instead, just to feel like I’m getting some regular human interaction.

    I’m a total introvert, but *forced* isolation feels like the universe is making fun of me, or something.

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  5. I’m glad you had a great reading month, Heather. I find that the bloggers I’ve been following so far have either been reading less due to difficulty focusing (for obvious reasons), or have been reading more because of the forced isolation. I’m happy for you that you fall in the latter! I’ve been doing more reading and blogging myself and I’m relieved I can finally catch up on my reviews. My backlog is no joke.

    Re the hair issue – it’s approaching summer where I am and I’m due for a trim, or else I get split ends and my hair gets incredibly frizzy. Unfortunately no salons are open, so I have to live with it. I don’t usually wear my hair short but that would solve a lot of problems for me.

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  6. I’m very jealous you got the extra week for spring break! Even though my class is online, we didn’t and that first class after break was only 2 days after I (and it seemed most of my class) had to shift to WFH so it was definitely quieter than usual but also somehow a lot more chaotic.

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