Library Book Haul

Because I work at the library (and because I have limited reading time right now), I rarely place holds on books. In our library, new books coming in have a 14-day checkout period, and they generally cannot be renewed. So even the most popular books are bound to be on the shelf at some point if I go looking for them. This particular stack has been rather elusive, but I finally got my hands on them!


Upright Women Wanted, by Sarah Gailey

Nothing to See Here, by Kevin Wilson

A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World, by C.A. Fletcher

The Sun Down Motel, by Simone St. James

The Illness Lesson, by Clare Beams

Admittedly, at least a couple of those have been published for a while, but every time I went looking for them, they happened to be checked out. Yesterday, I walked by our New Fiction section and saw The Sun Down Motel out of the corner of my eye, so I stopped and grabbed it. Then I decided to see if anything else I’ve been waiting for was there…and SCORE! There were so many. I’ll never read them all this weekend, but I bet I can get through at least two and a half of them. And I have 14 days to read all of them (which I know isn’t enough time right now, but maybe some of them won’t be on hold for other patrons when their due date comes around).

I don’t know a whole lot about The Illness Lesson, but I swear I recently read something about it on one of the blogs I follow, and the cover intrigued me enough to make me pick it up and skim the inside flap (I totally judge books by their covers, at least initially). It sounds good.

And why didn’t I know that Upright Women Wanted is just a novella? I thought it was a full-length novel, so I’m already a little disappointed and I haven’t even started reading it. Le sigh.

I think I’m most looking forward to reading The Sun Down Motel, just because I absolutely love the cover, the story sounds good, and it takes place in 1980s Upstate New York (I’m from the Finger Lakes region). That is a winning combination for me.

Do you have weekend reading plans yet? What does your TBR pile look like this week?

19 thoughts on “Library Book Haul

  1. I just finished writing a big report and wanted to celebrate, so went to the public library (as opposed to the academic library at work), where I found Nothing to See Here.
    Well, that was fun to say.

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    1. I do!!! It is so hard for me not to go home with ten books every day. I have to keep telling myself, “They’ll still be here when you actually have time to read them, Heather.”


  2. It’s both a blessing and a curse that my library lets us check out books (even most new ones) for almost a month. Because my attention wanders if a book isn’t as immediately gripping as Harry Potter, and I’m that asshole patron who keeps renewing a book I really do mean to read eventually, no really!, right after I check out this shiny fun Seanan McGuire ebook and maybe a couple audiobooks, but it’s ok I have two renews left and no other patrons seem to be complaining yet…

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    1. Hahahaha! Your renewals count as checkouts, too, and we (librarians) want books to be going out. If there’s a librarian out there who thinks you’re an asshole patron, they’re in the wrong profession. 😉

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  3. I have a copy of Upright Women Wanted, and just need to get out from under all my obligation reads (ARCs and book group) before I start it. I loved Boy & His Dog! One of my favorites from my 2019 reading. Enjoy!

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