Favorite Book Covers of 2019 — #AMonthofFaves

For the month of December, I am joining Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their #AMonthofFaves blog event. To learn more and to see the list of topics, read their announcement post–#AMonthofFaves 2019 [Blog Event] Announcement.

Today’s topic is “Favorite Book Covers.” I’m going to share the covers that I like the best out of the books I read in 2019. I liked a lot of the covers on the books I read this year, but the following are my favorites.

Juliet Takes a Breath, by Gabby Rivera — Not only is this an excellent book, but I love the cover. I’m usually not a fan of fluorescent colors, but it works really well on this cover. And I just love Juliet’s hairstyle and how the title of the book is shaved into her hair.

Wayward Son, by Rainbow Rowell — This cover isn’t really that special, aesthetics-wise, although I love how colorful it is. But shout out to Sam and Dean! #Supernatural #TeamSamForLife

Middlegame, by Seanan McGuire — I don’t know what it is about this cover. I think it’s the simplicity of it. I love the look of the black background with the white hand in the center, and I love how the fingers are candles (this is relevant to the plot). I also love the writing on the hand. (All of the covers for McGuire’s Wayward Children series are very cool, too.)

Pumpkinheads, by Rainbow Rowell — Faith Erin Hicks is the artist for Rainbow Rowell’s graphic novel, and all of the artwork is great. I love the cover for the color combination and just because I like Hicks’ style.

Lisey’s Story, by Stephen King — Red is my favorite color, and I really liked the way the shovel in the center has some kind of pattern going on…then I realized the shovel is a cutout on the dust jacket. So I took the dust jacket off…

…and THAT is what the cover looks like without the dust jacket on. Isn’t it beautiful?! I read 3/4 of the book without the dust jacket on it just to look at that cover every day. I just love it.

I would also recommend reading all of these books. Just don’t read Wayward Son until you’ve read Carry On (it’s a series).

What were some of your favorite book covers this year? Did you read any books specifically because the cover intrigued you?

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