My Year in Blogging — #AMonthofFaves

For the month of December, I am joining Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their #AMonthofFaves blog event. To learn more and to see the list of topics, read their announcement post–#AMonthofFaves 2019 [Blog Event] Announcement.

Today’s topic is “Blog Posts This Year”:

Tell us how you blogged – most popular (and/or favorite) blog posts for the year, or each month, did you try anything new on your blog this year, did you make blogging goals – how did you do? What are the essential programs, apps, plugins, websites you use? What’s your blogging routine, any blogs on blogging that you follow, blog tips you learned and used this year.

I don’t have answers to most of those questions because I only recently started blogging regularly again.

I used to own the blog Between the Covers. I started it back in 2013, I think. I blogged there regularly and it had a lot of content when I eventually gave it up and deleted it. That was back before I started working again and going back to school. I had a lot of free time to blog.

A couple (few?) years ago, I realized I wasn’t into it enough anymore to keep it going. I was doing too much and the blog was something I could give up…and I wanted to at the time. When I decided to give it up, I also realized that I really wanted to delete it altogether—it felt like a job that I just wasn’t enjoying. So I deleted it, and it was a large weight off my shoulders. I didn’t have to think about it anymore or feel guilty about not creating new content.

I’m two quarters (four courses) away from getting my Bachelor’s degree now, and about a year ago I realized I missed writing. I missed blogging, specifically about books. So I decided to start a new blog and see where it took me. Froodian Slip was born. For those of you who don’t get the reference, ”frood” comes from A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (one of my favorite books) and is defined as a “really amazingly together guy.” That combined with going back to school for a Bachelor’s in Psychology led me to my new blog’s name.

I haven’t written a ton of posts here yet. Again, I’ve only recently started blogging regularly. And the number of posts I’m able to write all depends on how busy I am with work and school. But I’m going to try to keep blogging regularly and I think getting back into the blogging community will help me do that. After I earn my Bachelor’s, I’ll be going on to earn my Master’s in Library and Information Science, and then I’ll be done. I’m looking at having my Master’s in 2022, and that’s not that far away. Then my free time will be all mine again.

I. Can’t. Wait.

So I’m looking forward to other bloggers’ responses to this prompt. I’m interested to see what others are doing with their blogs and what resources they use.

I’m also looking forward to getting back into the community and creating more content for Froodian Slip.

4 thoughts on “My Year in Blogging — #AMonthofFaves

  1. That’s hella exciting! You’re so close to the end! I’m taking my first class in over a decade starting this month and already having second thoughts, but I will do it. I will. (And welcome back!)

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    1. You can do it. I was so nervous when I went back, but it’s amazing how quickly things come back to you once you start. Writing my first research paper after 20 years was THE MOST STRESSFUL, but it was good after that first one.

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