January 2020: Vintage Science Fiction Month #VintageSciFi

Vintage Science Fiction Month takes place every January and is hosted by Andrea of the Little Red Reviewer and Jacob of RedStarReviews. They have a twitter account just for this: @VintageSciFi_.

Click to learn more at the Little Red Reviewer.

The three guidelines (not rules) given for Vintage Science Fiction Month are:

  • read, watch, listen to, or experience something science fiction / fantasy that was created in 1979 or earlier (this makes me chuckle because I was born in 1976…I’m vintage, baby!)
  • talk about it online sometime in January
  • have fun

If you have a blog, talk about your Vintage Science Fiction Month picks there. On Twitter? Tag your posts with #VintageSciFiMonth or #VintageSciFi (and make sure you tag the @VintageSciFi_ twitter account!). Bookstagrammer? I’m sure you could use the hashtags on Instagram, too!

I’m a big scifi fan, and there is quite a bit of vintage science fiction that I’ve been meaning to read and have put aside for one reason or another. Now I have a reason to read it sooner rather than later!

Classes start back up in January, so I don’t know how many books I’ll have time to read, but I’d like to read Foundation by Isaac Asimov and The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. I would also like to start reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea series by reading the first book, A Wizard of Earthsea. But we’ll see how much time I have.

I’m thinking there will be sign-up/startup posts or something on both Andrea’s and Jacob’s blogs when #VintageSciFiMonth actually starts, but I’m not sure since this is the first time I’ll be participating. If you’re interested, keep your eyes on their blogs or on their Twitter feed (all linked above)!

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