#ThankfullyReading, Day 2

Technically, this is day three of Thankfully Reading Weekend, but it’s my day two. I got a TON of reading done today. I read an article for school, finished reading With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo, and I got about halfway through Blaze by Richard Bachman. I would have read more, but Eric is finally feeling well enough for us to catch up on some TV together, so we watched a bit of the new season of Always Sunny. Now we’re going to watch the movie Ready or Not, then go to bed.

My bingo card is shaping up nicely, too! I have a BINGO! Let’s be honest, I’m not going to finish this bingo card—I live in the northeast, so I definitely won’t be reading outside at all this weekend. In fact, we just got a winter storm warning today, so…yeah. I wouldn’t have been reading outside even without freezing rain. It’s cold. Heh. I also won’t be eating any healthy snacks—chips and goldfish crackers all the way, baby! Hahaha! But this is what my bingo card looks like so far…

I read most of the day, and I definitely read for more than an hour at a time, so that takes care of the middle square on the top row. I commented on my friend Bryan’s blog (and will be commenting on more blogs tomorrow). I read over 400 pages today, so that takes care of two squares. I read until 7pm, and it gets dark at 5pm here now (UGH). With the Fire on High included at least three recipes. I read twice today, for about three hours before my nap, and then for a little over two hours after my nap. I read that psych article for school, and I drank a Pepsi, which was DELICIOUS. [high five]

I’ll be reading in bed before I fall asleep tonight, too, so that will be another square taken care of! I’ll mark that one off tomorrow.

Good night, everyone! Hope everyone is having a great Thankfully Reading Weekend!

5 thoughts on “#ThankfullyReading, Day 2

  1. You’re rocking this Thankfully Reading thang. You go, girl…myself, and probably you too, I won’t be going anywhere today. We’ve already had rain, freezing rain, sleet and now looks like snow. I’m definitely in for the rest of the day and at least part of the day tomorrow as I don’t have to go to work until 2 p.m.

    It’s been good to reconnect with you here, but I understand why I haven’t seen you around much. It’s still good to see you here when we do.

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