Sunday Salon | February 17, 2019

This was a nice, short week for me. We had some bad weather in Central PA on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so the library was closed on Tuesday and had a delayed opening on Wednesday. I had a lot of work to do, though, so I ended up having a lot less time to do it in. That was a little rough, but it was still a short work week, so I’m not complaining. Now I have a three-day weekend for Presidents’ Day, so I’m looking forward to doing ALL THE READING.

I didn’t get much pleasure reading done last week. I’m taking a Lit class this quarter, so most of my reading during the week is for class. And not that I don’t enjoy what I’m reading for class (writing from 1865 to the present day), but it’s not stuff I’m choosing to read. I finished Everything’s Eventual last Sunday (review here), and I finally finished The Luminaries yesterday (I started it on January 20). The Luminaries is going to be hard to review, but I loved it.

Library books I have checked out:

Books I’ve purchased over the last couple weeks:

I’m not sure when I’m going to get to the books I’ve purchased, but very soon I hope. I need to read the library books first.

Currently reading:

I am really enjoying The Expanse book series. Eric and I started watching the TV show before I knew it was based on a series of books. Of course I had to start reading the books as soon as I found out they existed. The TV show is done really well; the books are a little different, but not in a way that makes them better than the show. I’m really enjoying both the show and the book series.

I’m actually writing this post on Saturday afternoon, so I haven’t started reading Pandaemonium yet–I’ll be starting it Saturday evening.

Currently watching:

  • Black Mirror (will be caught up by the time you read this)
  • Bob’s Burgers (beginning of season 8)
  • Dear White People (middle of season 2)
  • Gotham (as it airs)
  • The Magicians (as it airs)
  • Supernatural (as it airs)
  • This is Us (as it airs)
  • The Walking Dead (as it airs)
  • The Wire (beginning of season 4)

Hope everyone has a good week!

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Salon | February 17, 2019

  1. I looked up the Annie Dillard book on Goodreads. Same author as Pilgrim of Tinker Creek? Pilgrim is on my shelf. I need to read that AND get the Abundance one. I’m intrigued by “a commuter chasing snowball-throwing children” or whatever. LOL Did he jump off a bus and take off after them???? What was he (or she) going to do to the kids, if anything? I’ve gotta find out. LOL

    I’m mad that This is Us has not made me cry much this season.

    I liked last week’s episode of TWD. I’m amazed that that show has not disappointed me yet.

    I want to watch The Wire and Black Mirror.

    Too many shows, books and movies; not enough hours in the day. Sigh.


    1. Annie Dillard is one of my favorite authors. I loved Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. I was excited to see this one come into the library—it’s two years old and I didn’t even know it existed!

      This is Us hasn’t made us cry that much this season, either. We binge-watched the first season, and holy Cry Fest, Batman.

      TWD continues to disappoint me, unfortunately. But I read the comics and I’m a purist…and they’ve changed so much in the show. They’ve strayed really far from the story in the comics. But I’m still watching. Heh.

      The Wire is excellent. I’m not sure why I didn’t watch it when it aired originally. Black Mirror is also very good…and very creepy.

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  2. I’m continuing to plug away at Don Quixote but I really didn’t finish much (one book) this week, which is odd for me. I’m not head over heels with anything I’m reading right now, and that’s the problem. I’m going to keep going with Night Circus, too, in the hopes that I am going to be crazy about it—so far, no.

    I’m not familiar with anything you have from the library or just purchased, but I’ve seen a lot on the blogosphere about the Marlon James’ book. I hope it’s a wonderful read.


    1. I have a funny story about Don Quixote. When I was a little kid, my dad had an audio recording of Don Quixote on vinyl (it was a ton of records long). He would set them up on my record player at night just before bed, and I would listen to them until I fell asleep. As a kid, I thought for some reason that “Don Quixote” was “Donkey Otey” and that the book was about the sidekick’s donkey. Hahaha! I really need to read the book as an adult now.


  3. We also were closed on Tuesday, which made for a weird work week for me: worked Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, because I also took off Thursday for Valentine’s Day. I wish I had a three-day weekend, but we’re open on Monday. I’m glad, though, that you have the day off and can READ. Woo hoo! We haven’t gotten to Dear White People, Season 2, yet. Is it as good as the first one was? And Bob’s Burgers, we need to get back to that. We watch on Hulu.


    1. Yes, season 2 of DWP is just as good—might even be better. It gets a little deeper in season 2, I think.

      We also watch Bob’s Burgers on Hulu. We’re trying to get caught up. It’s easier to binge-watch BB because the episodes are so short.


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