Starting Over


I tried to reboot my old blog–Between the Covers–some time ago, but I just couldn’t get into it again. That blog had a certain…formula…about it that I just didn’t like anymore. So I deleted it entirely, and I feel good about that. That blog was not necessarily who I am anymore–a lot has changed since I started that one a number of years ago.

I had other blogs that I started at different times over the past few years. At the time, I thought I would do something with them. But I never did, so I deleted them, too. I had way too much stuff floating around out there that I wasn’t doing anything with. It felt good to let it all go.

I’m much busier now than when I first started blogging. I’m working two jobs (one full-time and one part-time, both in libraries), and I’m going back to school to finally earn those degrees I should have earned twenty years ago. In my spare time, all I want to do is read or watch some TV. That doesn’t leave me a lot of time for blogging.

But I couldn’t bring myself to let go of this one–it’s the very first blog I ever started on WordPress. I wiped it clean so I could start fresh, and I’ve given the blog itself a new name, but I wanted at least one place where I can still write when the mood strikes. And the mood will strike–I can feel it. I want to start writing about books again, and I want to be able to write about other things I’m interested in from time to time…maybe I’ll write about my experiences in the library or what’s it’s like to go back to school after twenty-plus years. I don’t know. So this blog stays, with a new name and a new laid-back feeling.

It’s been a long time, but I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and making my way back into the writing world again.

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